Our Doughnuts

All of our doughnuts are hand-made fresh every day by real genuine humans. We put a lot of care, effort and love into everything we make. Our staff create 3 different types of dough to produce 3 unique types of doughnuts.

  • Yeast Doughnuts

    Our Yeast Dough starts with simple ingredients and transforms into a light, pillowy cloud. Enjoy them either glazed, frosted, or filled.

  • Cake Doughnuts

    Our popular Cake Doughnut will convert the most stubborn Yeast Doughnut lovers. Cake Doughnuts provide a crunchy and soft texture all in one.

  • Vegan Doughnuts

    Surprise the carnivores in your family with this rich and soft dough. Flavours rotate seasonally. Sleep better knowing that our dough is 100% vegan.

Yeast Dough Process

Every doughnut is made with natural ingredients, by hand, fresh everyday. In order to do this our mornings here at the Hole start long before the sun comes up.

  1. 0 min

    Mixing is the most important part of the entire process, the temperature of the ingredients being added to the mixture is crucial in making the perfect doughnut.

  2. Each and every batch of our Yeast doughnuts goes through a cold proof process of 24 hrs. This process is crucial for flavour development.

  3. After the dough has fermented for 24 hrs it is then taken through the rolling and cutting process. This is the point where shape is formed by our expert bakers.

  4. This is the final stage before frying. This process allows the dough to proof a second time to and create it’s final size and shape.

  5. 5 hr

    After the second proof, Doughnuts are taken to the fryer. We use 100% vegetable oil to fry. The doughnuts are then taken into their final destination where they are garnished by the loving hands of our bakers.

The Team

Glory Hole Doughnuts is a small, independently run, artisan doughnut shop located in the heart of Parkdale.

Established in 2012 by Owner/Pastry Chef Ashley Jacot De Boinod, GHD has been making fresh, handmade houghnuts ever since.

We strive to create the highest quality doughnut by using fresh, local, and organic ingredients whenever possible.

Back of House General Manager

Favourite flavour

I would have to say its the classic buttermilk doughnuts with vanilla glaze for me. little crunchy on the outside, soft and pillowy on the inside and fresh from the fryer, what more could I ask for.

Hails from

Argentina, but spent most of my time in Toronto.


Some of my favorite things besides eating food, making food, and thinking about food are spending time outdoors and trying to pet every doggo I see.

General Manager

Favourite flavour

It’s hard to choose a favourite flavour - I’ve had the pleasure of trying so many great ones! but I think it must be Butter Pecan. I love the sweet and crunchy exterior and soft fluffy interior - a perfect balance of flavour in every mouthful! Close second is Raspberry Jam and Cinnamon Sugar - don’t mess with the classic!

Hails from

Born and raised in Mississauga, but I love to travel - I like to think I’ve taken a small piece of each country’s culture with me (over 30 visited!)


Hobbies include eating (hah), going for adventurous walks and getting crafty! Although I think I enjoy buying craft supplies more then I like making things with them. You should see my sticker collection!

Gerrard Back of House Manager

Favourite flavour

The fried chicken special we did with PG Clucks.

Hails from

Though my family hails from all over Europe and Canada, I spent most of my childhood in Ottawa. I moved to Toronto in 2012 for what was supposed to be a year and fell so in love with this city that I've been here ever since.


I paint and make papercraft art, play a lot of tabletop RPGs, and recently published my first book.

Gerrard Front of House Manager

Favourite flavour

my favourite flavour was the lemon cheesecake, just the right amount of lemon and crunchy graham crackers with that lovely filling. Caramel White Mocha comes close as well! I love coffee!

Hails from

Mexican! Born and raised, came to Canada on 2015.


I love music, it plays a huge roll in my life as it keeps me motivated. I also love audio/video production and to spend time with my Wife and my dog Chai.

Parkdale Supervisor

Favourite flavour

Caramelized White Mocha (was super messy but totally worth it!!)

Hails from

Born and raised in Toronto but barely know anything about the city lol. Nationality: Hungarian and Guyanese.



Our Partners

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